(Formerly known as Dot Rotten)

"Working with Melody wasn’t an issue at all I got exactly what I needed - the song was mixed correctly and I wasn’t disappointed. It was all done in good time and no faults, I'm not a recording artist anymore but if ever the case and someone needed somewhere to record I would direct them STRAIGHT to Mel!“

Big Narstie

Big Narstie and Melody first met when Instant Melodies was based in Oval, the two enjoyed a fun filled working relationship together from 2005 - 2010 where Narstie filmed a series of promotional campaigns for the studio - one of which was broadcasted on Channel U in 2006 (an underground television network which play listed new music from urban acts).

Krept and Konan

DOUBLE MOBO awardwinning signed acts Krept and Konan were interviewed by Melody and her team in 2011 for an educational project which also included a wealth of other industry figures. The duo later came to Instant Melodies when it was based in Brixton to record song ideas with one of the studios in-house producers.

Stylo G

Stylo G and Melody’s history spans back nearly 15 years to the beginning of 2004 when they first met through Skillz the creator and producer of MOBO award-winning R&B group Big Brovaz. They have both remained in contact ever since and have intermittently worked together throughout the years.